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Question - Who sells Rosa Wichuraiana, Memorial rose?

What do you know about Memorial roses (wichuraiana). Want to plant it near my rugosa roses in Cape Cod to cover a large sandy area made bare by a leach (sp?) bed. Saw it in a book about seashore gardens and can't find a distributor.

Fran Young   USA

Two distrubutors in the U K who sell Rosa Wichuraiana and distribute overseas are:-

Peter Beales Roses

David Austin Roses

I checked with Peter Beales Roses and they are in stock.

Brian Wood

Answer - Yes we can supply.
Yes, we can supply to the USA, for full details and delivery charges please see our web site at

Jan Kemp - Office Manager

I am afraid that we do not have R. wychuriana available for delivery within the United States. The range of roses we sell from our US catalogue is limited at present, however we hope to widen the range over the next few years.

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