Some Key Terms

Accent - putting emphasis on part of a picture to emphsize part of it.
Achromatic - where there is no hue and saturation but with black and white and greys in between.
Aesthetics - the thoughts of what is considered aristic or beautiful.
Amorphous - having no definite form - shapeless.
Asymmetrical - having parts or aspects that are not equal or equivalent.
Calligraphy - the art of beautiful handwriting.
Chromatic - the value of colour in a picture.
Genre - subject matter concerned with everyday life.
Linear - arranged in or extending along a straight or nearly straight line -
Opaque - refers to a surface that light cannot easily penetrate or see through.
Monochrome - having a single colour.
Patina - a natural coating that results from the oxidation of metallic materials like bronze.
Spectrum - a set of colours separated out by a beam of light going through a prism or raindrops.
Translucency - the quality of light passing through an object.
Transparency - being able to see through something.

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