Christmas snow scene

The base of this beautiful snow scene is a thick silver cake board. The parts of the snow scene are held in place on the cake board using dri-hard; this material is pliable, like plasticine when new, but sets hard after use. As you can see the scene has been sprayed with artificial snow. The parts starting from the back are silver sprayed twigs and fern leaves, artificial red cones and natural fir cones. A snow man has been placed at the front of the scene. The edge of the cake board has been trimed round with green tinsle. The tinsle is held in place round the edge of the board by double sided sticky tape.


L shaped Christmas flower arrangement

This L shaped arrangement comprises a mixture of fresh natural material and artificial Christmas roses created on a wood slice. Water for the fresh material comprising holly leaves and berries, pine leaves and red chrysanthemums, was provided by a well soaked oasis. The oasis was mounted in a container securely attached to the wood slice. Natural fir cones, attached to wires, and the Christmas roses were also placed in the oasis. Some artificial snow was sprayed lightly onto the arrangement. The variagated holly is Golden King.

Flower Arranging Techniques.

Using Cones.

  Thread a length of florist wire through the scales near the base of the cone. (picture 1). Wrap the wire round the cone. Ensure both sides of the wire are of even length and twist the wire together so that it grips the cone firmly (picture 2). Make the end of the wire U-shapped. Bend the U-shaped end behind the cone as shown in the picture or in any direction for it to be inserted into an oasis or dri-hard.
  1. Thread wire through cone.

2. Wrap wire round cone.

Oasis Floral Form

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(c) Created and photographed by B V & T M Wood.