Bulbs and Plant Combinations

Grow bulbs that flower on medium to long stems, above lower growing plants. These combinations will give colour, height and depth to borders and flower beds. It will also give stems vunerable to wind, support, thereby prolonging their useful period of bloom. Some examples of combinations we have grown are shown here.

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In the autumn daffodils were buried beneath the spring flowering heather. The heathers provided an attractive alternative to bare earth around the base of the stems of the daffodils. After the daffodils flowered, their leaves were allowed to die back naturally. When the leaves and stem started to flop over the heathers, they were tied into neat bunches to prevent them smothering the heather.

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Daffodils & heathers.
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liliums & hostas.

Summer flowering Lilium Enchantment flowering behind the Hosta forunei "Aurea - marginata". The Lilium bulbs were planted in the spring close behind the hosta so that their stems grew up between the leaves at the back of the hostas.

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