Record your visit on a Phone,  Camera or Camcorder.
Book about Gardening of Eden. The most exciting aspect of visiting a garden to see how gardening knowledge, experience and skills have been used and to take them away with you and apply them to your own garden. How to apply them is shown in the book Gardening of Eden: And How to Do It at Home. The book was written and photographed over a year using the expert knowledge and experience of the gardeners at the Eden Project at the Gardens in Cornwall. Numerous plants, different habitats and including valuable and interesting growing techniques are described and illustrated.
Book about working at Kew Gardens. A Year At Kew accompanies the television series. It shows the life and working at Kew Gardens as an adventure, the many challenges that are confronted as well as the planning, growing and maintaining the gardens as a World Heritage Site. It shows how a team of dedicated experts work together in a centre of scientific excellence in the glass houses, gardens, laboratories and libraries of Kew. It shows methods, skills and techniques used as well as naming plants and species of insects. The book has beautiful colourful pictures and describe the special activities, from research field trips to garden parties, popular seasonal festivals and exhibitions. This book is also available in hardback
Royal Gardeners. The book Royal Gardeners accompanies the television series in which Alan Titchmarsh leads us through The History of Britain's Royal Gardens from medieval times to the present day. Buy this book at a discount from Amazon UK
Sticky Wicket. Sticky Wicket: Gardening in Tune with Nature by Pam Lewis. Learn from Pam's experiences as she tells how she and her husband turned their garden in Dorset into a beautiful wildlife haven. Buy this book at a discount from Amazon UK

Making Gardens is written by expert garden authors for the National Gardens Scheme. The book describes the methods, techniques, plants and trees that make the gardens we love to visit. It explores the challenges presented by some gardens. Challenges such as steep slopes, searing winds, deep shade, salt spray from the sea, poor or waterlogged soil. An adventure story too! Buy the book at a discounted price at Amazon UK.



Eden project, largest greenhouse, garden, visit, book, gardens Eden by Tim Smit. The creator of one of the largest greenhouses in the world describes how he conceived the idea, created the project, built and opened it to the public. Order the book from Amazon UK.


The Lost Gardens Heligan, garden, visit, book, gardens The Lost Gardens of Heligan by Tim Smit. In this book Tim tells the story of how, after 70 years of neglect, these once glorious gardens in Cornwall were discovered bit by bit. How after hours of backbreaking work they were restored to the wonderful sight they are today. Order the book at discounted price in Paperback or Hardback.


Gardens of The National Trust, garden, visit, book, gardens Gardens of the National Trust by Stephen Lacey. A well illustrated comprehensive guide to gardens owned by the National Trust. Many different periods of garden history are covered in the wide variety of gardens. An excellent reference book. Order the book from Amazon UK.


garden at chatsworth The Garden at Chatsworth by The Duchess of Devonshire. The Duchess of Devonshire, who has lived at Chatsworth since 1950, takes you on a tour of the 400 year old gardens at Chatsworth House. Buy the book at Amazon UK.


Gardens "Gardeners' World" The Garden Lovers' Guide to Britain For details and descriptions of gardens you would want to visit this book is ideal. Order it at a reduced price at Amazon UK.  


Chelsea flower show book for sale Chelsea - The Greatest Flower Show on Earth. Read how the show has developed since its beginning. See how a variety of different gardens were designed, developed and exhibited at the Chelsea Flower show. See in colour photographs how the gardens were constructed, how different and similar plants were combined and how many exciting effects were obtained. Colour drawings of the plans, with good descriptions, clearly illustrate how some of the gardens were planned and exhibited. Buy the book, Chelsea Flower Show, at Amazon UK.



Record your visit on a Phone,  Camera or Camcorder.
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