Some Key Terms

Adrenal gland - one of a pair found just above the kidneys.
Deltoid - the muscle that lifts and rotates the arms.
Diaphram - the flat muscle for breathing at the base of the thoracic cavity.
Estrogen - hormones that produce sexual changes in females.
Fibia - the inner and thicker of two bones.
Intercosatal - the muscle that helps expand the ribs.
Larynx - an area of the throat containing the vocal cords.
Ligament - band of tissue that connects bones together.
Patella - the kneecap .
Pectoral - the chest muscle that helps pull in and rotates the arms.
Pituitary gland - attached to the brain and secretes hormones affecting growth.
Sartorius - the muscle that twists the thigh and bends the hip and knee.
Scapula - the shoulder blade.
Sciatica nerve - starts in the hip and runs down the leg.
Sternum - the brestbone.
Thoracic cavity - the area containing the lungs and heart.
Traches - passageway through whick air travels after inhalation.
Thyroid gland - in floor of the mouth.
Tibialis anterior - muscles that raise the foot.
Ulna - the larger of the two bones of the forearm that stretch from the elbow to the wrist.

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