Some Key Terms

 Analegesic - a substance that relieves pain.
Astringent - a substance that contracts the tissues of the body to check discharges of blood and mucus.
Beta carotene - an orange-yellow plant pigment and prcursor of vitamn A.
Carminative - a substance that allays pain and relieves flatulence and colic.
Decotion - an extract of a herb obtained by boiling it in water.
Folic acid - part of the vitamin B complex - found in leafy vetetables.
Infusion - the process of pouring boiling water over soft herbal maerial to extract some of its properties.
Mordant - a substance applied to dye to fix its colour.
Nulin - an easily digestible form of carbohydrate.
Salve - a soothing ointment.
Saponin - substance that foams in water and has a detergent action.
Stamen - the part of a flower that produces pollen.
Systemic - term for a chemical that is absorbed by a plant and circulates through its sap system.
Thymol - a bactericide and fungicide found in several volatile oils.
Tincture - a solution that has been extracted from a plant by macerating in alcohol or alcohol/water mixture.
Tisane - a drink made by adding boiling water.
Vulnerary - a preparation useful in healing wounds.

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