• Insulate loft. Check insulation is thick enough at 200mm which is just under 8 inches and in good condition .
  • Fit an automatic heating system that can be controlled from your phone or timer whether you are at home or work or away.
  • Click Here for more information on the Hive Active and Smart Home heating systems from Wickes .
  • Make your home warmer and cut heating bills by checking the house insulation.
  • Check external windows and doors for drafts. Hanging lined curtains across windows can save heat and make the rooms more comfortable.
  • Check if other windows are a source of alot of drafts and cold. If so hang lined curtains across them.
  • If the windows face a radiator, a lined curtains accross them can keep the heat inside at night and stop it radiating outside.
  • For a selection of curtains please click here.
  • For a selection of curtain poles please click here.
  • Insulation can also be provided between up and downstairs rooms in a house. This is especially important if the upstairs room is aired during the day.
  • For example, by placing a rug strategically in an upstairs room, even over a carpet can help insulate the room below and keep the heat in. The rug in the upstairs room can be placed in the area above the downstairs window and/or radiator and below an upstairs window.
  • For a selection of rugs please click here.
  • The front door is often a source of drafts and cold. Here fix a lined curtain across the surounding wall and door. An example is shown in the pictures below.


    Curtain open across door
    Curtain open across door.


    Curtain closed across door
    Curtain closed across door.

  • A bay window is lovely in summer to let the sun, light and air into a room but can be cold and draughty in winter. Blinds can protect some of the winter cold entering the room from the window and give some privacy. However additional insulation can be gained by fitting cutains across the bay as shown in the picture below. In winter when the curtains are closed, they will give an additional layer of insulation between the window and the room.
    Curtain across bay window
    Curtain going across bay window having blinds
    To see a selection of Venetian Blinds please click here.
    To see a selection of Universal Window Blinds from Wickes please click here
    To see a selection of Curtains please click here.
    To see a selection of Curtain Poles and accessories from Wickes please click here.
    To see a further selection please click here.


    Click here to see radiators and accessories for sale.


    Use LED low=heat bulbs. Conventional light bulbs produce heat. Modern LED bulbs use almost no energy and little heat.

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