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Book on where to live in london.
Where to live in london

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london suburban property guide book for about commuting for sale
Guide to Commuterland
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London Photographic Atlas

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Property Chain book

The Property Chain is a comprehensive guide on dealing with property. It describes how to rent, let, buy and sell a property. How to obtain a mortgage and the different types. What is required to buy land and build your own house. What is involved in having a holiday and second home. The book also covers buying interesting and unusual homes, and how to improve your own home. Real life stories of people in the property chain, how they handled situations and dealt with problems are also described. To buy the book at a discounted price click here

book on house buying, selling and conveyancing for sale

House Buying, Selling and Conveyancing is a step by step guide to buying and selling a house without using a solicitor. The book includes examples of the forms needed and tells you how to obtain them easily. The book gives excellent advice and is produced by Lawpack publishing. To see other books on conveyancing click here.

First time buyer's guide to buying your own home

How to Get on the Property Ladder: The First-time Buyer's Guide to Escaping the Rent Trap and Owning Your Own Home provides excellent advice and enthusiasm to enable you to buy you own home however difficult you may think it is. With author's enthusiasm for owning property, the book guides almost pushes you through all the stages to buy your first home.

book on buying properties at auctions

Buying Bargains at Property Auctions. Explore the world of property autions. See if there is an opportunity for your buy your own home at a bargain price or start your own property business.

book on buying properties to let

The Buy to Let Bible. How and where to buy all types of properties to rent out in order to provide an income. The author shares his wealth of knowledge that he gained to build his own property portfolio and gives useful tips and rules of thumbs that he used to make his decisions.

UK Properties and Services

Types of UK Mortgages

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