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Question - How can I improve a clay soil?

I have a clay soil in my garden in London and find it nearly impossible to use?

Sudah Patel


One way is to break the clay soil down by double digging the ground in the autumn. Dig the ground to bring the clay soil underneath to the top in V-shaped trenches. The clay soil is then exposed on top and along the V edges. In this way the clay is exposed to the frost in the winter and early spring which cracks it and breaks it down. If there is turf on top of the ground prior to digging this should be dug into the bottom layer. Manure should also be dug in the autumn. In the spring the ground should be much eaier to use. Add sharp sand to improve drainage. This procedure should be repeated each year to obtain an excellent soil. I have found tomatoes potatoes with their long wire-like roots grow well in soil treated in this way and penentrate it, further breaking down the soil.

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