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Questions - When and how to cut back Mums (Chrysanths) so that they still flower?
My spray Chrysanthemums were so tall that I had to cut them down well before the flowers had finished as I was unable to stake them properly. Is there a time, when they are just growing that I can cut them down to a managable size without losing the flower growing shoots?

Dawn   England.

I have very large mums in my flower bed and I would like to know what to do with them now, after they have died out due to the frost. When and how do I cut them back so that they will not be so large next fall?

Jackie   Spartanburg.

I live in northern Georgia, about 100 miles from Atlanta... I cut my mums quite short the first of July and when they start to bloom in September they do not get so tall that they fall over. This has worked for me.

Betty Teter   USA

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