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Question - What are the characteristics of Greek soil?

What I would like to know is what the main soil characteristics of the soil in Greece are, as I have some greek tomato seeds and would like to plant them in the most suitable and closest conditions as possible to Greece.

Mr Noel Roberts   Australia


I was on the island of Crete and the soil was mainly rocky with sand. The Greeks would dig a V shaped trench in which they would run drip lines and plant their seedlings next to the emitters and then cover the trench with plastic. When the seedlings reached the plastic they would cut holes in the plastic to allow continued growth of the tomato plant and later when the weather warmed up they removed the plastic completely. They planted their seedlings very early in the February early March time frame so the tomatoes would ripen before the high summer temperatures arrived. They also planted their watermelons and cantalopes this way with excellent results.

T. Corbett   Germany.

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