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Question - Where can I obtain hydroponic tomato seeds?
Do you have any information on hydroponic tomatoes? If so do you sell hydroponic tomato seeds, and for how much?

Cody Johnson

Hydroponics is a way of growing plants in water containing fertilizers without using soil to support the plant. Instead of soil an artificial medium such as vermiculite, rockwool or perlite is used.

Growing tomatoes using hydroponics is a well researched area. It is used commerically as well as by home growers with great success. There is an excellent book on the subject called Hydroponic Tomatoes for the Home Gardener by Howard M Resh available at Amazon. To see the book click  here for USA  or  here for UK.

Also available from the USA Amazon site only, is the book Hydroponic Tomato Production by Jack Ross, click here to see it. This book lists 20 of the best tomato varieties for hydroponic production.

The variety of tomato seeds for the hydroponic method must like growing in containers and grow to a limited height, producing their main crop within a short period of time. That is the plant does not trail great lengths producing fruit over a long period of time. Two such varieties are Bush Big Boy and Tumbler.

For further information on hydroponic tomatoes please click here.

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