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Question - How can you grow iris from seed?

I would like to know how to grow iris from seed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Dee Morris


Seeds of irises that are normally grown outdoors throughout the year should be sown in the Autumn. By sowing in the autumn they will be exposed to frost over the winter season (stratified). Sow the seeds in trays or pots of John Innes No 1 compost or similar loam based compost. Cover the surface of the compost with sharp sand or grit to avoid moss and liverwort growing on top of the compost. Place the trays or pots in a cold frame or sheltered place for the winter. Keep the compost just moist. The seedlings should appear in the spring. The seedlings look like grass when they first appear. The vigorous varieties can be planted out, otherwise they are best kept in pots or potted up into single pots for the first year. They can then be planted out in the second year. The plants take from two to three years to flower according to the vigor of the species of iris and how well they are grown.

Those that are not frost hardy should be sown and placed in a heated propagator to germinate in the greenhouse. Seedlings of these varieties often flower in their second year.

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