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Question - How do I move an ivy plant?
I have an ivy growing in a yard. I want to take some of it up and plant it at another location. Do I have to take it up by ther roots, can I cut and do something to force it to grow new roots. What is the best way to replant ivy from one location to another so that it grows that the new location as soon as possible?

Mike Cassell   USA

Transplant ivy during winter and early spring. Dig up the plant with as much root as possible. Cut back most of the growth above the ground so as the plant does not exhaust itself catering for the growth above ground on its restricted roots in its new position.

To ensure the plant grows as quickly as possible in its new position, dig the soil over and incorporate plenty of well rotted manure and compost. Before moving the plant, line the sides and bottom of the new hole with a couple of handfuls of bone meal fertiliser. Bone meal will gradually release a nitrogen fertiliser into the soil to help feed the plant as it establishes its new growth. After planting the ivy in its new postion scatter a further couple of handfuls of bone meal fertiliser around the plant on the ground and lightly fork it into the surface without disturbing the plants roots. Firm the plant in and water around it. If there is a dry spell soon after planting water again around the plant.

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