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Question - How do you preserve Pampas grass plumes?

When and how do you cut Pampas grass plumes for displaying? Do you dry them, spray with hairspray? This is the first year they have bloomed and I would like to save them. Thanks

Jan Cockerille  USA


Pampas grass is best dried and preserved using a glycerine solution. Stand the freshly cut stems overnight in water. Mix one part of glycerine and two parts of hot water and allow to cool. Pour the glycerine solution into a reasonably tall jar or jug so that the solution will go as far up the Pampas grass stems as possible. The plume will take up the glycerine solution while it dries. The drying period can take from one to four weeks. Spraying with hairspray is not as effective as using glycerine.

Cut the pampas grass with flowers fully open or, for seeds, before the plant shows signs of shedding them.

T M Wood.

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