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Question - How can I stop slugs from climbing into my rabbit's hutch?

Marie   England  


The floor of the hutch needs to be as dry as possible. Mount it on bricks off the ground on bricks. If the ground tends to get damp then dig out the area under the hutch and fill with gravel to drain away excess water. Ensure that the walls of the hutch do not touch any damp walls or fencing. Best if there is an air gap between any wall or fence. If necessary move the hutch to a drier place if it is in a damp position. Clean the hutch regularly. If the hutch is dry the slugs won't like it.


If your hutch is on legs, wrap each leg with at least 1 inch copper tape found at most garden stores, wider is better, and the slugs and snails will not cross it. Works GREAT!

Karen     usa

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