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Question - How can I stop slugs eating plants in my garden?

Is there an easier way to get rid of slugs in the garden other than keep putting out slug pellets or setting beer traps for them? I never seem to put them out early enough in the year, and plants like hostas still manage to get holes in them.

Peter Sandel


My hostas always suffered the same problem, until one year they grew with perfect leaves. No holes. Ideal for flower arrangements. The plants sold fast too, with people saying they had never seen such perfect leaves! How did it happen?

A neighbour who had a fish pond, introduced frogs to the pond. The frogs spread their territory to include my garden and loved hiding under my hosta leaves where they gobbled up the slugs. Wonderful, except one thing. There's a catch.

The frogs camouflage is excellent, especially just after it rains. If you gardened near the hostas or similar plants or near the compost heap, or walk across the lawn, suddenly without warning lumps of earth or tuffs of grass would suddenly come alive and fly in the air. They give you quite a shock. Your heart misses a beat. You also have to be careful not to walk on the frogs unexpectedly on the patio and in the garden. Also, after a spell of rain, the driveway to the garage has to be carefully inspected to avoid running over a frog with the car wheels.

If you have a strong heart and good eyesight, try introducing frogs to your garden!

Theresa Wood

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