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Question - How to stop a yellow virus attacking plants?

I have a problem with yellows virus attacking both annuals and perenials. Is there any way to prevent the problem from recurring next season? Do I have to dispose of all affected plants or will the winters in Minnesota destroy the virus? Please help. Thanks.

jeanette larson   USA  


I wonder if this is due to lack of nutrients in the soil. It may need regenerating, perhaps the soil is too acid. If this is the reason then digging in well rotted manure and compost over the whole area will cure the problem. An application of a general fertiliser which contains trace elements, in the spring will also be a good idea. Yellowing of leaves often occurs when the soil lacks trace elements (such as iron, magnesium). The increased organic matter will improve soil structure, moisture-holding capacity and nutrient content as well as encouraging healthy, balanced populations of soil organisms. A healthy soil will discourage plant pests and encourage their predators.

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